Korenfld Real Estate Agency in Eilat specializing in real estate consulting in Eilat, real estate management, mortgage and insurance. We also specialize in selling exclusive Real Estate in Eilat: apartments and houses for sale in Eilat, villas and plots for sale in Eilat and investment properties in Eilat. We believe that the small things make the difference between good and excellent. Korenfld strives to uphold high standards and uncompromising professionalism. Our real estate agents undertake to act honestly, fairly and with full transparency towards our clients, complying with all applicable laws concerning the sale and lease of real estate in Israel. For over 30 years of activity, our brokerage firm has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, high reliability and professionalism.



Korenfld estate agency - is a veteran among the Real Estate Agencies in Eilat. In recent years, Yossi Korenfld - the founder of the company has taken in his ranks many young and energetic real estate consultants. For the convenience of our customers we provide a full range of expert services on all matters related to real estate: advising on real estate sale and rent, asset improvement, mortgage and insurance consulting. Working with us is a guarantee to get professional advice and the best real estate deal in your life.

Real Estate Agency

Korenfeld & Jorno Real Estate Agency owned and managed by Yossi Korenfeld and Shai Jorno. Was opened in 1991 and at the moment is one of the oldest and most stable brokerage firms in the city, it’s located on the str. Rechter 5. The company specializes in residential Real Estate in Eilat. The secret of our success is the professional, reliable and warm service that our clients receive. We accompany our clients at all stages until the desired results are obtained and the deal is successfully completed.

Real Estate Agents

The team of Korenfeld & Jorno Real Estate Agency are licensed and experienced agents, they are the best professionals in their field in Eilat. The main task for our agents is to provide you with the highest level of service and achieve all your goals and expectations. Our highly qualified team, knowledge of the current situation in the Eilat Real Estate Market, information on the latest offers and dozens of new customers every day will allow you to sell, rent or buy the property in a short time and on better terms.

Our Expertise

The company's services are diverse and include not only brokerage and real estate marketing, but also those services that are directly related to real estate: valuation of your property, legal assistance of a lawyer, drafting and verifying contracts, advice on insurance and mortgage loans. Many years of experience, extensive and expert knowledge in the field of real estate, more than a thousand successful transactions, unsurpassed customer service - have made us the leading Real Estate Agency in Eilat.

Mortgage & Insurance Consulting

Buying a house usually begins with a mortgage. We specialize in consultations on mortgage loans, mortgages for young families and mortgage insurance. Since this is one of the most responsible and legally the most complex transactions in our life, therefore, in order to avoid mistakes, wrong choices, overpayments and possible problems in the future - Korenfeld & Jorno Real Estate Agency in Eilat will help you get a mortgage loan in accordance with all your needs on the most favorable terms.

Management of Real Estate Assets

Eilat is the most popular resort on the Red Sea, which is in demand 365 days a year for both foreigners and Israelis. Investing in Eilat real estate will be the most successful and profitable investment. We know exactly which Eilat investment projects are potential for maximizing profits now and in the future. We also provide rental management services for your housing and the organization of all related reporting documents, contracts and insurance in accordance with all applicable laws of Israel.

Consulting & Real Estate Services

Korenfeld & Jorno is a Real Estate Agency in Eilat with almost 30 years of experience, impeccable reputation and the largest database of all existing offers and demands in the real estate market. Residential and commercial real estate, land for construction, consulting and real estate services for international companies, assessment of the state and real estate market research, asset and project management, mortgage and insurance consulting. We offer a full range of professional services in the field of real estate.


Korenfld Real Estate Agency employs a team of highly qualified real estate agents with extensive knowledge and experience in their field. Our real estate agents have undergone a professional training course and are broker licensed. Working with us is a guarantee of obtaining the highest level of customer service, professional and at the same time an individual approach to each client.

Our acquaintance with Korenfld estate agency, occurred when we wanted to sell our first apartment. They are truly professional real estate agents, serious, reliable and responsible. They kept their promises and respected all our requests. Idan Korenfld as an experienced mortgage consultant gave us professional advice.

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