Apartment Rental Contract For Download

Apartment Rental Contract For Download

The rental agreement consists of many conditions that can affect the balance of power between the tenant and the landlord. The agreement written by the landlord will serve its reasons, therefore it is recommended that you carefully read the terms of the agreement, understand what they mean and what are its consequences, and even discuss possible changes and not sign without reading the entire contract. Most tenants do not know the main provisions that must be included in the lease. To put an end to the misunderstanding Korenfld Real Estate Agency developed an apartment rental contract for download. The contract is written in an understandable language and answers the main questions of the apartment rental contract.

Rental Contract For Download

Tips for renters and renting:

  • Transfer the utility bills to the tenants.
  • Make photocopies of the landlord / tenant ID.
  • Receive a letter of guarantee and a copy of the guarantor’s identity card.
  • Check the apartment for any damage and enter it into the contract.
  • Take 12 checks and a guarantee receipt in advance.
  • Carefully check the terms of the contract and the apartment.
  • Insure your apartment if there is no insurance.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Korenfld Real Estate Agency is not responsible for the preparation or interpretation of the provisions of the agreement between the parties. The lease contract and accompanying explanatory material are not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice by a lawyer.

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