Real Estate Management In Eilat

Real Estate Management In Eilat

Real Estate Agency Korenfld provides professional property management services in Eilat, building services, house management, real estate consulting, mortgage insurance and real estate brokerage in Eilat. Our firm manages dozens of apartments under the guidance of Yossi Korenfld. Most of our property management and apartment management in Eilat is for non-residents who have bought an apartment in the past and currently do not live in Eilat, as well as for businessmen and property owners and apartments living outside Eilat.

Properties Management in Eilat

Our office deals with the following issues related to the management of real estate in Eilat:

  • Preparation and maintenance of the apartment for rent monthly / daily in proper condition (repair, contract..).
  • Organization of meetings with potential tenants.
  • Selection of future tenants according to the criteria declared by You.
  • Signing the contract on terms that protect your interests and conditions.
  • Collection of all monthly payments.
  • Monthly transfer of funds to your bank account.
  • Checking the condition of the apartment after the tenant left the apartment.


Advantages of Real Estate Management In Eilat

We know how to provide our clients with effective marketing services in real estate, professional advice, finding suitable tenants, signing lease agreements, collecting rent and solving current problems. We have extensive experience in property management in Eilat, and therefore we know that we can provide you with the best and reliable real estate services!

Property Management in Eilat is the ideal solution for you when it comes to asset management. If you don’t live in Eilat, you don’t have free time or the necessary knowledge – it is recommended to use the services of real estate companies. The management by professional real estate company has many advantages:

  • Professional and reliable customer service.
  • Marketing an apartment at the expense of the management company.
  • Preparation of properties for rent for new tenants.
  • Checking both tenants and guarantors for legality and reliability.
  • Documentation on the condition of the property at the time of check-in.
  • Solving all current problems associated with the apartment and tenants.
  • Checking the payment by the tenants of all bills at the time of check-out.


Korenfld Real Estate Company in Eilat

One of the biggest problems real estate owners face is not getting the maximum and stable profit from their investment / property. Such a result can only be achieved through proper and reasonable management. Korenfld knows how to bring you the maximum income from renting your property on a regular basis with minimum expenses.